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Sapa Travel guide

Sapa Travel guide


Highlights of Sapa

  • Soak the mountain views from the town especially at Ham Rong Mountain with hidden scenes in foggy
  • Watch the astonishing views of Muong Hoa valley plus the terrace fields at Lao Chai & Ta Van village where are the best for shooting wonderful photos
  • Get an insight of minority people and their cultures as well as customs of Red Dao, H’mong, Zay, etc.
  • Have chance to get the untouched communities of hill tribe villages at this border area with hidden charms both nature and cultures as well as people
  • The best time for travelling to Sapa town and mountainous areas in North Vietnam from March to May and from September to November to get the perfect way of escaping intense heat in big cities and get the wonderful view of terrace fields

Sapa Destination

Sapa is a charming and colourful town and attracts the number of visitors every year. The rich cultural diversity and fine scenery of the place put a great influence on everyone. Everyone will surely enjoy their trip to Vietnam. Sapa Travel Guide helps everyone to plan their trip to Sapa.

Sapa town is located in Hoang Lien Son Mountain and near the Chinese border in northwest Vietnam. The lush vegetation of the place, beautiful rice terraces, and high mountain peaks makes Sapa a famous tourist’s destination.

The climate of Sapa is very charming everyone can enjoy the shower of the rain in most of the months of the year. The winter season of the place can be foggy, rainy and cold. The sky remains clear in the months of August to December and an ideal time for a visit in Sapa. Sapa Travel Guide suggests to everyone that if they are on a visit to Vietnam, they must visit this beautiful place.

The breathtaking views of the town are really impressive for everyone. It will be enjoyable for the visitors to visit Lung Khau Nhin market of the town. The market is not so much big and not different from other markets. Visitors can find the various crafts of Red Dzao and Hmong tribes. The shops contain things like trekking clothes, souvenir crafts and tabacco. It will be interesting for the visitors to take crafted things at their homes. Everyone can enjoy the rich taste of meat of freshly killed animals.

The lovely hill station is culturally rich with different hill tribe minorities. A visit to the town will give a chance to the visitors to watch the scenery of the place and walk through the terrace rice fields and explore the beauty of the place.

The restaurants, street foods and cafes of Sapa provide the fresh food items of rich flavour and made with care. Visitors can enjoy the rich taste of many cultural dishes of the town.

A visit to cat cat village will give a chance to watch an old hydroelectric power station and a big beautiful waterfall. The images of the young women sitting by the looms with the colourful pieces of brocade decorated with the designs of different birds and flowers are very beautiful. Cat cat village is situated on the slope of the hill. It will be very charming to view the village from the top of the mountains. Visitors will really enjoy the visit to the village.

Fansipan Mountain is the highest mountain peak of Sapa and located in the northwest of the Vietnam. The mountain is one of the eco-tourists spot of Vietnam. The visitors enjoy a lot by climibing from the top of the mountain. This is the place of attraction for most of the foreigners. Foreigners visit this place in the month of October and December because in these two months there is no heavy rainfall in the town. The mountain is the perfect place for the visitors who love trekking.

Sapa Travel Guide provides the best travel packages and plans for a visit in Sapa. Everyone can take any type of information regarding a visit in Sapa.


Taking a night train to Lao Cai for saving time to visit Sapa or drive on car along highway to get views of spectacular mountains from Hanoi to Sapa

Feeling the flying atmosphere when reaching Sapa town at high level while clouds cover surrounding and foggy in morning and evening which make the town more charming

Have a trekking to remote village to experience hill tribe people life and culture, especially shoot photos of terrace fields that make a glamour visitors once step foot here

Catch amazing views of valley and mountainous beauties with hidden villages

Should not miss Fansipan Mountain climbing if you are an adventure traveler because you can conquer the top of Indochina’s mountain with the diversity of flora and fauna beside spectacular mountain

Explore the minority people custom while visiting market as well as learn more of their culture and the purchasing activities once visit one of the famous market at this region which crowd one a set day of week such as Bac Ha Sundays market, Can Cau Saturdays market, Coc Ly Tuesdays market, etc

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