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Over 10 km away from Sapa township to the northeast is Ta Phin Commune,, where is well known of charming tourist sites anh its specific holy significance. Luyen Tam monastery was hafl built from 1942 to 1944. Up till now, it remain a grandiose architectural work within high moutains . This place worship fo fouder of Ta Phin land where the local peaple used to organise commemorative ritual and community rally oath-talking ceremonies in Spring. Or the brocade co-operative with skilled weaving techniques of Mong and Dao minorities specializes in making famous brocade product which are sold domestically and enternationally .Moreover , the brocade weaving craft helps to arouse curiosity and discovery desire of all traveler

It will be a big mistake if you forget not to visit Ta Phin cave . The rocky bendy road will lead you to the miraculous. Ta Phin cave which has a lot of stalactites of different shape inside such as shape of fairies in different posture of dancing ,bathing , seating carrying a child in thier arms, a shape of gaint steamed glutinous rice tray with ivory unsmooth mineral piece of like coral , or ivory smoooth columns falling down from the top and kiniting each other as shapphire sparking antennas . Drops of water run moutain peak absorb and stanate on the top of stalactites, then drip and drum melodiously in vaporous space…. Ta Phin is now defined as one of th tourist main point of Sapa and comprehensively investing with the aim of bringing about more new things to travelers

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